The fine print

Jeff Nolan’s post about Rules vs Results reminded me of software evaluations!

San Francisco Chronicle: There were over 20,000 competitors in Sunday’s Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. And 24-year-old Arien O’Connell, a fifth-grade teacher from New York City, ran the fastest time of any of the women.
But she didn’t win.
It doesn’t get much simpler than a footrace. All it takes is a starting line, a finish line and a clock. You fire the gun and the first person to the end of the course is the winner.
However, as the marathon officials said to O’Connell – not so fast.
While O’Connell had the greatest run of her life and covered the course faster than any woman, she was told she couldn’t be declared the winner because she didn’t run with the “elite” group who were given a 20-minute head start.

Nike of course has some cleanup to do but thinking about it from the startup perspective: read the fine print is pretty much what this is easy.

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