Reasons not to start a business

This is a bang on post from Robert Scoble. What’s interesting about it is that I have these same conversations with a number of wanna be entrepreneurs all the time and what Robert stresses is pretty much what you need to answer (to yourself) before you engage in the insane adventures of starting a technology start up. I, for one, love it. Can’t complain but I also understand it is not for everyone.

  • Can you survive and strive on 4 hours sleep?
  • Can you build a team?
  • Can you set aside your family for a little while? and just focus on getting your adventure off the ground?
  • Can you cope with stress? and not let it drive you insane?
  • Can you cope with the ups and downs, the roller coasters, the wins and the losses? Can you be on your toes at all times?
  • Will running a start up take time from the things that you love to do: ie blogging, interviewing people (in Robert’s case). Is this really what you want to be doing for the next x number of years?

You need to remember that running a start up is not just about doing the things that you love; there is hiring and firing, accounting, sales, building a team and much much more. If like Robert you would rather spend quality time with your family and have a team and resources available to you, teams and resources built and maintained by someone else, than running a start up is not for you.

Of course that does not stop you from doing something you love to do!

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