Little Red Book of Selling


Jeffrey Gittomer’s Little Red Book of Selling demystifyies buying principles for salespeople. His book is perfect for bathroom reading. No really! Gitomer is crazy about sales; he sounds quite cookie but who would argue with some of his 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness. 12.5! I mean really!

Seriously though: keep this book in your bathroom. Read a page once in a while or revisit some of the principles. Some of the writing is really really over the top. But you will spot the nuggets – and they will keep you coming back.

Some of these nuggets include:

  • Kick your own ass – goes without saying because no one else is going to do it for you: "hard work makes luck".
  • Avoid negative talk and negative people like the plague (amen!)
  • Time management: what’s important NOW.
  • Prepare to win or lose to someone who is prepared
  • The work day starts the night before.
  • Networking works well when you employ the two-word secret: show up. Networking works best when you employ the three-word secret: show up prepared.
  • Give value first.

My 2 favourites:

  • Create the environment (to win!)
  • Stick at it until you win.

Go, don’t be ashamed, get your own copy. It will make for great bathroom reading.

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