Running April 16 – April 22

The running numbers for Sunday April 16 – Saturday April 22, 2006 are in:

– Clare: 23.1KM
– Leila: 48 KM
– Mr. T: 65.5 KM
– Paul: 28 KM
– Imran: 7 KM
– Melina: 6 KM
– Sutha: 0 KM

I missed my weekly running quota by 2 km. This is so sad! I drove everyone crazy because the only thing I talk about these days is running and races, because you know it is the start of race season. I am looking forward to the Toronto Ultra on May 6th. Sylvie Boisvert (from Quebec City) – a 100km champion – will be staying with us for the race. I am looking forward to picking her brain.

Mr. T is this week’s champion. I need to stop my binge running approach. This weekend I felt like a complete homeless person running on Queen street in the middle of the night – just before the midnight deadline – to try and make up the miles I did not do during the week. And so what have I learned? Binge running does not work. You can not cram 50k in a single night and get up the next day to go to work specially when you are the slowest runner on the planet. One needs to run every day, prioritize running over other activities (such as seeing friends and pets) or attending any BarCamp activities. To run well, one needs to rest well. I am just about completey broken down, friendless – since I have no time for them anymore… I am a 3D loser.
I want ultrarunning to improve my memory – apparently ultrarunning impacts your memory according to Dr. James Watson, Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the double helix. He recently wrote an article for Seed Magazine that talked about the latest studies regarding memory loss. One study he cited showed may show that distance running can reduce memory loss. Thanks to Scott for the links. I want to remember how shitty I felt last week and the previous one when I was trying to cram 20-30k runs between 10 PM and 1 AM. Not good. Just remember you idiot and stick to the schedule!

Fear not: This week’s running schedule is as follows:
– Monday: 10K
– Tuesday: 10K
– Wednesday: 10K
– Thursday: 10
– Friday: Rest
– Saturday: 30K


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