On hiring (again)

I spent a lot of time last week and this week reviewing resumes to grow our visual search team so Guy Kawasaki’s “Art of Recruiting” is quite timely. His article is spot on.

The art of recruiting is the purest form of evangelism because you’re not simply asking people to try your product, buy your product, or partner with you. Instead, you are asking them to bet their lives on your organization.

So, so spot on. It couldn’t of course get any scarier. Read Guy’s post.

  1. Hire better than yourself.
  2. Hire infected people.
  3. Ignore the irrelevant.
  4. Double check your intuition.
  5. Check independent references.
  6. Apply the Shopping Center Test.
  7. Use all your weapons.
  8. Sell all the decision makers.
  9. Wait to compensate.
  10. Don’t assume you’re done.

To Guy’s checklist I would add:
11. Hire enthusiastic people – because life is too short and I would rather enjoy my time on this green earth.
12. Put passion above experience – I can’t tell you how many times I sat across the table from someone with so much experience it puts my resume to shame (easy to do really) but with so so little passion for their work, for anything really. I usually just end up running away. It makes me sad.

Off to resume reviews!

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