University of Waterloo: Are they mad?

Is the University of Waterloo co-op program out of its mind? It is 7 AM in California, I am trying to login to download resumes to review for the positions we posted with the program and what do I get: an login error message!

                                    Invalid Signon Time for user

Read it and weep! Invalid signon time?

The system can not be accessed at this time? What the f***? hell? Is this not a web app, can it not be accessible 24/7. What the hell is this? I fired off an email to the coordinator – probably enjoying her weekend – and I will wait for an answer. Unbelievable: I mean if employers post the job postings online, the students post their resumes online you would think that the University would have the system up and running 24 hours. No, no, no. There is this little note somewhere about the system only being available within certain hours of the week (like Monday to Friday only). This is a really bad joke.

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