Where is Rick Segal?

Moocoverlittle_1  I ran from the office to the house around lunchtime today and of course you can’t really not run into people you know in Toronto’s business district. I met Ava from our lawyers office and remembered that Rick from J. L. Albright Venture was across the street – don’t ask me why he popped in my head, he just did somehow! I happened to be running with a tiny backpack carrying all the rubbish one has to cart around these days: cell phone, keys, wallet, and a copy of MOO. I thought that Rick would enjoy a copy and I popped by his office not thinking that hey this is a man who probably spends most of his time on a plane and he is probably never in his Toronto office, never mind at his desk around 2 PM. He is probably wheeling and dealing somewhere in the West Coast. Of course he was not in his office but now that I thought he could enjoy a copy of MOO, I will courier it to him next week. Rick is a smart cookie, perhaps he can help me help Seth reach his goal! Now, that’s not a bad idea now that I think of it. Serendipity.

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