I have a 6 hours run to complete today. It was actually scheduled for tomorrow but since I am going to be on plane all day, that’s not going to work unless I complete 6000 trips to the restrooms during the trip! Of course I don’t have 6 hours to spare so I will do what I do best: break down the task into manageable chunks. I am sure that’s not what my trainer had in mind when she said 6 hours of running, the idea being preparation for the 50 mile run in a few weeks.. Never mind: it will be easier to deal with 3 sets of 2 hours of running and that’s what I will be doing. One of the runs will be a downtown run so I will drop by and visit a couple of friends on Bay street.
On a different note: I am looking forward to running in Hyde Park in London on Sunday and Le Jardin des Tuileries in Paris on Monday.

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