I hate rocks!

Rocks_1  I hate rocks and hate is not even a strong enough word. I run the Iroquoia Trail on Saturday. This is a 32 KM Ultra race in Ontario. Of course calling a 32KM race an ultra is a little of an exaggeration until you get there and see the course. The race was for road warriors. You know the kind: trim, fit, bloody prepared. Their gaze tells you they have done this a hundred times and yes, ma’m they run on rocks, boulders, cross creeks on hands and knees and still finish in record time.

Creek  The course was tough, tough, tough. Mainly because of rocks. While the course was a mere 32KM it took most of the runners longer than a road marathon to complete. I guess when they labeled the race a “Technical Race” they were not kidding. I died at KM 22. That was the end of me. If it was not for the damn rocks, I suspect I would have finished the course on my hands and knees.

  • It took me a full day to recover. What went well:
  • I managed to eat during the run. Mostly sharkies
  • I felt great until 15KM when I knew I started pushing. – I started getting tired and stopped eating. Not smart!

Training resumes tomorrow. Moving forward. Next time I will read the race description and may be call the organizers before signing up! That of course is never going to happen! Ah, one last thing: the mosquitoes where out of this world.

Next race is this weekend. A 15KM I think so I will manage better.

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